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At ICRA ESG Ratings Limited (formerly known as Pragati Development Consulting Services Limited), we believe that aiming for a sustainable planet, economy, and society is a crucial pursuit. As an ESG Ratings Provider (ERP), we are committed to empowering businesses, investors, and other market participants to take informed decisions towards the cause of a sustainable future. Through our ESG ratings and other allied products, our goal is to provide comprehensive ESG assessments, offering a holistic view of an entity’s state and progress towards sustainability. Our ESG assessment approach covers not only the conventional metrics but also i ncorporates a nuanced evaluation of an entity’s commitment to and transition towards sustainability.

As we embark on our ESG rating operations in 2024, post the receipt of the Category-I ERP license from SEBI, our commitment remains rooted in the rich legacy of our sponsor. We are a wholly owned subsidiary off ICRA Limited, a distinguished credit rating agency with a prominent presence in India for over three decades, providing independent opinions on the credit quality of entities, besides publishing meticulous research on the macroeconomy and varied sectors. Notably, our ultimate parent company is the leading global credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service, being the largest (indirect) shareholder of ICRA Limited. This positions us uniquely to blend our group’s global and local expertise to offer differentiated ESG rating services in India..

We thoroughly understand the importance that investors lay on trust, transparency, and rigour. A steadfast adherence to these ideals will remain our avowed commitment.

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